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The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called “Aleph” or sometimes "Alef", which has no sound by itself. It is silent at the end of a word and combines with a vowel to form a sound at the beginning or middle of a word.

The Aleph has a numerical value of one, and replaces the number 1 (one) as the subchapter heading throughout the Torah and Tanakh.

Classical Hebrew script (Ketav Ashurit) is the focus of these lessons. It is used to write Torah scrolls and is the written language used by Yeshua (Jesus) during the Second Temple period.

Israeli Hebrew

Written Hebrew in Israel leaves out the Nikkud (vowel symbols). The word in context indicates how a letter should be pronounced. Also, modern Hebrew has many words which are not in the Torah/Tanakh, such as telephone. Hebrew script (cursive) is used widely throughout Israel, though it is not covered in these lessons.

Video & Quiz

Alef Video

Alef Quiz

Watch the video and take the quiz.

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